Are Jay-Z and Beyonce having marriage issues?

There have been some rumours swirling for some time which had been laughed off, but the rumours are back and they say that Beyonce and Jaz-Z have cancelled plans to have a second baby because of marriage issues.

RadarOnline claims that Beyonce has cancelled her fertility treatment and wants to give her body a break a source told the website.

Jaz-Z and Beyonce have been married since 2008 but is reportedly becoming increasingly disillusioned with their relationship. Jay-Z is thought to be constantly sidetracked with business issues and Beyonce is becoming increasingly frustrated.

Beyonce and Jaz-Z are one of the showbizzes golden couples and this news will no doubt come as a surprise to many, however, we’re sure that Beyonce won’t be short suiters should things come to an end between those two.

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